Education Outreach

The Justice of the Peace court oversees small claims court, Class C misdemeanors and eviction court. Letting the community their possible options and how the court works will create a fairer system. I will host monthly sessions to educate the general public about the various avenues of a Justice of the Peace court, what programs are available, and how to best utilize its resources. This is a court by the people for the people.

I will work with the community.

Flexible Hours

We need to make the court more accessible to regular, working folks by creating the option of a night court for Precinct 6.  It is imperative to the success of our community to foster, not inhibit, everyone’s right to work. Expanding operating hours, even one night a week, will allow our hard working citizens to not miss work. It will keep college students from missing costly lectures in order to appear in court. We can empower our citizens to keep their right to due process and not stress about ending up with a smaller paycheck at the end of the month.

I will create a more accessible court.

Equality for All

It is imperative that we issue marriage licenses to ALL applicable couples and handle the matters of the court in a way that doesn’t bully or intimidate. While it is an option for the Justice of the Peace to perform civil ceremonies, it is critical that we elect a JP who will perform. Too often a JP can simply refuse to offer any civil ceremonies as a way to make it more difficult for people of the same-sex to obtain a marriage certificate. Not only is this wrong, it is also costly: denying that basic service sends revenue away from the precinct and sometimes away from the county.

I will serve the whole community.